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About Us

Our Story

From humble beginnings to global reach, the journey of Altech is one marked by perseverance, innovation, and growth.

Born from the pressing need to enhance IT support and technical services within the governmental sector, Altech emerged as a beacon of quality and reliability. Our initial focus was to address the complex challenges inherent in governmental operations. Leveraging our expertise in data analysis and IT solutions, we played an instrumental role in transforming the IT landscape within this sector.

As we evolved, we recognized the broader potential of our services and expanded our horizons to serve commercial partners on a global scale. Today, we have a robust presence in the biopharmaceutical and R&D research sectors, providing cutting-edge data solutions to help businesses unlock their true potential.

Throughout our journey, the essence of Altech has always been rooted in empowering our clients and driving their success through data-driven insights. We remain committed to this ethos as we continue to pioneer forward, turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

We are driven by values

At Altech, our values form the foundation of our actions and illustrate how we conduct our business. We believe in Integrity – delivering what we promise and adding value beyond what is expected. We maintain the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. Underpinning our operations is Innovation – the cornerstone of our success. We continually challenge ourselves to find new and improved technology solutions. Excellence drives us to surpass the status quo and to deliver solutions that set us apart in the marketplace. Collaboration is at the heart of our existence. We work closely with our partners, fostering a culture that encourages diverse thoughts and ideas. Lastly, Empowerment defines our approach towards our clients. We empower them with data-driven insights, enabling them to make meaningful decisions that drive their success. These core values encapsulate our essence and guide us in our journey of turning today’s challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.